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1.Do sciphone i68 whether his support of JAVA ebook

Answer: after I test, as in the following documents, should can 1-m. We have upgraded jan.7 (2 trillion version),
But about in the book, I have I68 following Suggestions:

1.ANYVIEW3.0, installation, the software can be very smooth operation, and can open the TXT/UMD/HTLM such documents.

2. and tried to TXT file format, if the books in the 1-m within the machine, with ebook function can see, but you’d better set auto flip, manual flip inconvenient.

3. I feel better, JAVA e-books in 0.8 M below the file size, running will some.

2. sciphone i68 Internet problems:

yesterday we start with i68, without any problem on JAVA, today after a problem.Use the browser i68 cabin when surfing the Internet without problems, but no access network will appear JAVA.Here, the opera great wisdom appears unable to access the network etc. Depressed in ~

Answer: I’ll give you a wonderful way to solve this problem, the Internet several cannot delete, install a program to solve this problem, can I also exists.sciphone I68

3. excuse me: sciphone i68 answer? Whether double-click

Answer: double-click answer

4. sciphone i68 write messages, punctuation in where?

Answer: see input panel > > a > >, didn’t you point is the punctuation

5. Sciphone i68 take vibration

Answer: of course, provide a common concentration, can also be customized

6. excuse me:sciphone video playback software can be changed

A: so far the player is not available

7. Sciphone i68 support bluetooth headset songs?

Answer: not yet

8. Sciphone i68 own game some? With gravity induced game?

Answer: the game 3) take own game, few beta like a lianliankan, official version of a lottery game, support gravity induced.

9.Sciphone I68 support more touch???

Answer: don’t support

10. Sciphone i68 can set MP3 ring?

Answer: MP3 can set ~ 5 groups of bell ~ now MP3 to situational ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ environment in setting options general ~ ~ ~ ring that can be personalized Settings to ~The music (MP3) copy must be on the CARDS to TF folder, then in MP3 music selection, desktop open multimedia player, and then click on the interface in player in the list, click on the list, you want to put into the phone ring, click options, choose music. Add bell Desktop, choose to select Settings in environmental, then choose to set in the ring you want to establish a sound of music to cone. This is a method.

11: About mobile phones connect with computer problems

Answer: no, my sciphone i68 well even, in a computer to tip, you click the USB connection USB connection, the computer can be found, then automatically install the driver, you can see. try

12: Sciphone i68 messages, and whether the wallpaper of standby can set

Answer: at present, the message sciphone i68 cannot be custom wallpaper, wallpaper, i68 default is random, you want to change also change, also cannot define.

13: sciphone I68 see ebook effect? Reading process operation?

Answer: download, support the V8 books is very good effect. (the big screen, enjoyable) other books software, should also support, online collect.

14: if only MPG4 support and the movie. 3GP format


15: Sciphone i68 can support has the TF card extend?

Answer: the classics appraisal: no problem. can

16: how to install the software to the phone?

Answer: the software copies to the Java memory, then the folder file management You know the Java folder To execute installation

17: sciphone volume small solution.

Answer: in the engineering model (non-essential don’t touch the parameters inside, otherwise it will become a toy system),

That the Mode

18: if Sciphone i68 mobile phones, whether to support the Java intelligent?

Answer: Sciphone for mobile phones,sciphone i68; support Java smartphone

19: How to look the version number of the view?

Answer: *#8375#

20: ask a small S view picture

Answer: can be amplified, have a + Click will blow After moving finger sliding enlarge pictures. Support.Don’t support fingers glided change next image The 21st, i68 – MP4 comparison smooth set parameters Refers to compare ~ is smooth than originally download MP4 or 3GP also shun ~ Basically,sciphone I68 dial to MP4 and better quality to synchronize the voice and still try declan through experiment regardless of how to turn or insufficient 3GP perfectly clear voice is not quality not than animation quickly ~ ~ this beta test is mainly to host machine can sell to test Learn about the fluency: now than in the sciphone I68 splashed in rapid than the original release but still erect when still wander voice will still have to run at the front end sounds all finish see ~ only run in with animation declan
Voice: the question about the sound has been unable to provide the perfect solution – so we all parameters to together

First you have to install Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter if have better versions of course better ~ ~

1 open Xilisoft 3GP Video Converter 3

2 film to drag

3 to (into) what to choose BLACK BERRY MP4 MPEG VIDEO (4) – 4 parameter setting.

Video coding: MPEG4

Video resolution: 320X240

Code rate: 120-100 (basic to high quality but relatively high can slow release rate, dial),

Frame rate of 15

Other matter

Sound part

Audio coding rate: mpeg4aac

Code rate: 48

Sampling rate; 8000

Channel 2:

~ ~ turn archives

Through testing machine test ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ erect spilled put speed perfect sound perfectly clear ~ ~ ~ ~ subtitles slightly better (can),Tapped for good measure the ~ ~ ~ sounds a bit slow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ clear subtitles

21.Suggest to haven’t find out a suitable tapped files Settings?

if it is the basic parameters of the film on AV health has been fairly good ~Animation and video ~ had standing watch more feeling 1,10 ~~ ~ ~ I hope all of us can put up the parameter test ~ ~ ~ I study together will also continue to turn archives try 3Q ~

PS: the above parameters ~ to teach smooth rather than try to please everyone in perfect

22: how to listen to the song for ignoring shake


Like to see someone asked, said today when listening daring to move.I admire the music when the giant input XD, don’t you listening? Not ebook
Actually the song for cancellation shaken method is very simple, that is.
The background music player will play function setting for open (default), music is played interface can Very simple, ha ha ~ ~ I have been watching ebooks, while listening music can never meet with dynamic ~ ~ ~

23:Can login QQ, but not the Internet?

Answer: I give you answer, there is a machine Settings in the online mode can change the WAP HTTP

24: small S version of the view.

Answer: after the input that: as an example, Version: xs2501-20080529-2000

This machine is the ROM date is on May 29, 2008

25: links and how to change the name after the bluetooth.

Answer: set below, bluetooth open state, set inside have changed name, literally change device, no words

26: JAVA game installation method

1, the computer and mobile with usb connection mode. The installation of Java directly to test procedure of Java directory on the card Disconnected, open files management, then open the memory card, open directory, click, Java, such Find a Java installation files, selected files, the bottom, then click install option, then can be installed on success.After installation, a key to return to main interface, click on the icon, then has a JAVA installation of JAVA files, have entered the game was already installed list,

27. What is Sciphone i68?

This phone is Sciphone i68 series of some of the center for media iPhoneTM called cloning, but in truth of mobile base of hardware and software is very different. The apple iPhone This is the only housing (plastic shell), look similar.New changes,sciphone i68 called “phones – is now seems to have such a fourth iPhone housing. Additional functions, but may vary with built-in compass. Including WiFi

28.who invented the Sciphone i68 series phone?

LianFa division (of) that Taiwan 6228 some people onboard processor and for good, but it is unclear who creates housing, display, camera, batteries, cable, or who assemble all the final product.As the operating system, and software phone itself (collectively referred to as the firmware) the cheapest China mobile has nuclear other operating system, it was considered LianFa families with licensing and provide the 6228 graphical user interface (GUI). And Sciphone i68 series of mobile phone is not exceptional also.However, it seems every i68 i68 + dealers and sales is slightly different speech communication software and installation of the mobile user interface software. This could be due to LianFa division of the frequent change of hardware and software.As Sciphone named “, “it is a brand name, brand in Asia.

29. What is the style of “technology is sciphone i68 mobile, such as?

The Chinese nation is switching operation, and the style of 4G iPhone shell and additional functions, such as WiFi their mobile phone. One of the few examples are the new type of mobile phones, i68 4G “of the compass and the F080 Hiphone 4G, F079 and F073.

30. What is Sciphone i68 three?

This name seems to be free, can use a phone, Pinphone as reference 3GS compass, can also refer as wireless Internet, mobile + i68 only increase.
To be on the safe side, I suggest avoiding sciphone i68three. If you want to and wireless Internet phone, check out any of these:

PinPhone * 3GS compass
Miphone ± 3 take phone * * * *

31.Where can I buy that?

A few websites are considered good. Some websites dealers and many eBay sellers are lying. Most importantly, A mobile phone is 3.0 firmware. I read in the BBS of DealExtreme become Fastcardtech alert and Suggestions.

32. Do + i68 i68 and is there any difference?

* through software A true sciphone i68 + has been updated, as A firmware version 2.0/3.0.
From the USB cable connector (foot) mobile terminal.
O this i68 use a needle 1.. 8.. 9.. 10.
O this i68 + use a needle 1.. 9.. Ten.. 11.
Due to i68 and USB cable connector sciphone i68 + using different pins, they need different firmware upgrade cable.
A warning: is sold ErShouJi called sciphone i68 +. Some people say that both i68 may, and must be cheaper one.
Whether have different sciphone i68 + mobile phones are selling?
Yes. Some companies are taken to mark them sciphone i68 and sciphone i68 +. These “false”, a man is sciphone i68 + in BBS in discussion. Other sciphone i68 + mobile contesting the firmware.

33. Could you let me in my Sciphone i68 YouTube video + i68 and put?
Yes, but you must change the FLV format, they YouTube the format of the mobile phone is understandable, especially 3GP, 3G2 or MP4. This phone will only accept those 176X144 definition video.

34.what kind of operation system using mobile phones?

Through the analysis of * * * * Sciphone i68 firmware I decided as follows:
Ø MT6225 processor.
Ø operating system as the core, plus have little from the operating system (ATI).
Ø namely Java J2ME MIDP. The 2.0 support
There Ø supports WAP.

35. What is special key code to display the firmware version?

Just call * # 8375 #, and then press call button.

36.what is special key code to enter “engineering model”?

For Sciphone i68: call number 8560968 * # # #.
For Sciphone i68 + : call number 82043036 * # # #.

37.what factory model code?

Factory model is * # # # 66. I wouldn’t recommend you use it.

38.What is obtained IMEI code?

To show your IMEI, please call * # 06 #. (just like almost any phone)

39.How quick dialing Settings?

Not all sciphone i68 mobile phones have quick dialing, because of the change in the software. However, if you do use
it you do the following:

1. How to determine how many preset number if T – Mobile company may set three. These you dial 1 # # 2 and
2. Store all your SIM card of personal contact.
3. If you are first contact with your first gamerelease 2 – finally yam and last contact is over and then
share your personal contact biyibi = 4 #, Yam = # 5; With more and more, until you get to the gamerelease.

40. What is the cost of manufacture Sciphone i68 +?

Presumably these information disclosed to Chinese website, netease, claim to make $40 takes i68 +. This implies that the brand more mobile phone cannot. But then again, Sciphone processor is some underpowered.

41.What do Sciphone i68 / i68 i68 + 3 + / Ğ offer?

These GSM mobile phones, but they are different from the iPhone provide much. They are centered on the mobile media loading function, some awkward, some available, usually include:
GSM mobile phones itself four frequency * (so that it can be anywhere in the world),Tilt/vibration sensor *
Two tickets * support in the same phone SIM card.
Usually only a * * * * MP3 players play list
MIDP. * * * * Java
64 x 48 * camera (below),
Graphical browsers *
Video player (* play 3GP / 3G2 / MP4 format),
* video video
* calculator
* voice recorder
* text docreader
* messages
As the MicroSD * support has the flash card.
* shaking changes songs/photo function
* 3 or update the firmware version provides a feeling of flow in image viewer.
These are some undoubtably bulky, function and/or slow, yes, even some software error. But many people seem to like sciphone i68 series. The mobile phone is considered for money, because they sell is the only $70 to $110, is not unlock the contract. From apple, nokia, MOTOROLA cell phones or equivalent no contract at $500.

42.What is Sciphone i68 3G?

On the right, the mobile phone was a typical Sciphone i68 + and up to three improvement:
* a round cover looks like apples of 3G phones.
* built-in headphone jacks (no adapter needs.
At the bottom of a * * * * part connector to use apple iPhone accessories.
Hong Kong Chinese manufacturers to a large extent changed his mobile phone housing and connectors, including Sciphone i68 +, like the latest third-generation iPhone more. Therefore, the “third generation” or “3G style” name only refers to the building style, rather than any other 3G phones.
In “3G mobile some legibly style” unable to open. This is a problem, because the battery can replace, MicroSD card and SIM card into outside.Some or all of these improve include other mobile phone CLP communication i9b *
I9-3G * CLP communication

43.What are these calls the technical support?

You can ask who sold you phone problem, but they may not know much. You must be willing to experiment a bit with his mobile phone, try something different, please in all the BBS and patience.

44.Why the advertisement says, i68 or i68 + a 1.3-megapixel camera or 200 million pixels?

It’s false advertising. This claim may be originated in China or the invention of the dealer downstream.
There are several reasons:
1. Unfortunately, in China, have a kind of atmosphere, “said, in what money”, including China’s air/water/land pollution, milk, melamine scandal, food, deadly cat
2. Many dealers are testing, even in their sales of mobile phone, but they, not only to the customer for the original products and advertisement.
3. In the eBay, who was lying their advertising has yet to 99% of the positive feedback many sellers. EBay feedback system is not reliable. People have been found to overcome it.
4. Finally, the fact proved that some subtle changes in a Sciphone hardware. By 2009 at least 62 Sciphone i68 + hardware varieties.

45.How do I know if I received legal i68 + Sciphone company, rather than to mark the general i68?

There are two ways:
1. Through the search Sciphone i68 + company name and logo.
It started Sciphone “*” logo.
It is “* Sciphone company” battery and i68 +.
It has Sciphone “*” in the battery tank, company and i68 +.

2. Through the observation of the USB cable connector pins. (see above).In addition, the appropriate i68 + in the IMEI yards two batteries.

46.How do I will file transfer to i68 / i68 +?

1. Ensure a MicroSD card phone.
2. Through the USB connection phone to the computer.
3. This phone will ask what kind of connection is established. To confirm that you want to use as a mass storage device of mobile phones.
4. In the PC will appear on two new drive: first is the internal storage. 2 be MicroSD.

47.What is the new firmware version?

The firmware version 2.0/3.0 of everybody wants. It provides a feeling of image and user variable flow menu button. A common sciphone i68 / i68 + (for example) may not DealExtreme from the firmware. In the eBay advertising also check the firmware version and touch.

48.What about the MP3 player? What kind of work best?

This Sciphone i68 / i68 + one or two speakers, providing a decent timbre, though hardly bass.

49.Whether to accept the MicroSD 4GB flash card?

In may a i68 2GB restrictions. This i68 + are generally believed to most has the card. I have used i68 1 and 4 GB of GB card SDHC SanDisk sciphone i68 company in the MicroSD card +. Why anyone would need to use these larger card is controversial, but because only support an MP3 player at this time, and a playlist mobile video player, the function is just a new things.

50.Do a screen saver?

This phone, should use cheap plastic film on the screen. Most people will delete, but I left my protection.
Give the screen saver is not the right size for Sciphone – these holes to me a mm or two. Apple is always different.
Anyone Google Android operating system to Sciphone i68 +?
In short, Sciphone i68 + phone no horse power operation Android. However, the related, from China’s real phone unlock Android.

51.What is the standard of Sciphone i68 series of technical specifications of the phone?

LianFa * MT6225 families 7EJ ARM processor (S), the running kernel – 26 MHz in the processor, graphics, etc
850,900,1800: four frequency * and 1900 MHZ.
* 3.2-inch screen has 240×320 resolution and 16 color.
* core, plus have little from the company/ATI operating system.
The camera or may be * VGA 320×240.
SIM card slot. * two
* MicroSD slot, can accept up to eight gigabit card.
* support the firmware MIDP Java. Heap usually 1 Megabyte.
* bluetooth

52.How should I download or update the firmware?

A company that has been working to improve the firmware Javquisoft. They are modified, however, the official they had to face the fact that hardware based i68 i68, mobile phone and related + every month, or even a week, although consumer can’t see any external differences.BBS, some people in GSM host measures have been taken to modify sciphone i68and small methods, such as the change of the firmware + ICONS and words, use special Flash cable, you can buy from MySciphoneShop apart. Please note that I don’t recommend using borrowed firmware, because a Sciphone firmware cannot in another might hurt.

53.What is the use of mobile operating system?

Through the analysis of  Sciphone i68 firmware I decided as follows:
Ø MT6225 processor.
Ø operating system as the core, plus have little from the operating system (ATI).
Ø namely Java J2ME MIDP. The 2.0 support
There Ø supports WAP.

54.Why I can not listen the voice?

1.Maybe you turn down the volume to the min.

2.The loudspeakers is broken.


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