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Check out another cool Star mobile phone, the Star E73+ china clone, now updated with video review at the end.

Hot Spots:

  • ·WIFI:802.11b/g wireless internet
  • ·Dual sim cards dual standby
  • ·Quadband:GSM:850/900/18001900MHz
  • ·Keyboard and Handwritting in put
  • ·Dual cameras with flash lamp
  • ·Analog TV free(SECAM/PAL/NTSC)
  • ·Gravity inducer
  • ·JAVA 2.0
  • ·E-book reader
  • ·Bluetooth A2DP
  • ·MP3/MP4 player
  • ·FM radio(can output voice)
  • ·3.5mm standard audio output jack
  • ·Support TF card extend to 16GB max
  • ·Handshaking Function: chang song and wallpaper by shaking
  • ·Language:English/ French/ Spanish/ German/ Italian/ Arabic/ Russian/ Turkish/ Portugues/  Vietnamese/ Bahasa Indonesia/ Bahasa Melayu/ Persian/ Greek/ Dutch/ Polish/ Bulgarian/ Czech/ Slovak/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese


Boost Mobile is looking forward for a better line of new Android devices with the latest addition of the ZTE Warp. For starters, it offers a huge 4.3-inch display that would be perfect for games and viewing pictures or movies. It also has a 1GHz solo core processor for multitasking, and a 5MP rear camera with autofocus capability and LED flash for photo quality. It may come out with Gingerbread on November 2, but it may also be one of the gracious phones to have the Ice Cream Sandwich updates.

It can accommodate much media with a MicroSD slot that can add up an additional 32GB memory in the system. It can connect via WiFi, GPS, and supports Stereo Bluetooth for media devices. It will be on sale at $249.99 on a prepaid plan, which can flex your use for data and other plans.

Source: Sprint Newsroom

Star A3 is another great cellphone recently announced by STAR. It also runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and has a 650mhz (MTK6573). Because of the Android OS you can get popular game like Angry birds and Fruit Ninga are sure to run fluently on the smartphone. The phone has a large 4.0 inch capacitive multi-touch screen available. What’s more, Star A3 Android phone is also 3G enabled with the support of WCDMA 2100MHz and quad band GSM network. The China mobile phone can also support SPB shell 3D, which makes the phone look more powerful. Star A3 also supports Analog TV, while MTK6573 HD7 and B63M do not have such function.

With the 512+512 memory, this model comes very close to branded models out there.

As usual, check the full Star A3 specifications and photos.

Star A3 Hot Spots:

  • Network: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  •               3G WCDMA 2100MHz
  • OS: Android 2.3
  • CPU: MTK6573 650MHZ
  • Support SPB shell 3D
  • WIFI: 802.11b/g wireless internet
  • Dual sim card dual standby
  • 4.0 inch capacitive multi-touch screen ,WQVGA PX:480*800, 1600W color
  • Built-in GPS
  • Analog TV
  • Memory: 512MB ROM+512MB RAM
  • Card slot: support extend TF card to 32GB max
  • Dual cameras with flash lamp
  • Support JAVA 2.0
  • Bluetooth A2DP
  • MP3/MP4 player
  • MSN,Facebook,Opera5,eBuddy…
  • Language: German/ English/ Spainish/ French/ Indonesian/ Italian/ Malay/ Portugal/ Turkish/ Russian/ Arabic/ Thai/ Vietnam


Another nice phone from Dapeng. the T8300 mobile phone has all the standard features, plus the nice 4.3 touchscreen and dual cameras. For around $100 is a fully featured cheap phone.

Check the specs and photos:


Hot Points:

  • 4.3″ touch screen
  • Quadband: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Dual cameras with flashlight
  • Dual sim cards dual standby
  • GPS WIFI Analog TV
  • Language:English,French,Spanish, Portugal,Italian,Deutsch, Indonesia,Melayu,Vietnam, Russian,Arabic,Persian, Thailand,Chinese


This is another model from dapeng. Simple, and cheap, but with great useful features, like dualsim, fm radio, analog TV, and mp3 playing, with external card support (8gb).

For around $50, Dapeng T918 is a great bargain!

Available in black and white colors.

Check the full specs, photos and videos :

Hot Spots:

  • Quad band(GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ)
  • Dual sim card dual standby
  • TV free
  • Hand shaking function(shaking change menu,TV chinnel,Music…)
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio(can output voice)
  • E-book reader
  • MP4,MP3
  • support to extend TF card to 8GB maximally
  • Language :English/French/Portugues/German/ Vietname/Turkish/Russian/Arabic/ Persian/Indonesia/Bahasa Melayu


With the constant grouth of tablets, cellphones, and phone clones from china are getting bigger.

After the 3,5” and the latest 4.0” devices, we now have the big 5.0” phones, coming from Chinese developers, like these new brand Pomp, who now released the M3 model, with all the cool and normal features of this clones, plus the big 5 inches touchscreen.

Check the full specifications of the Pomp M3 and the usual photos at the end of the post:

  • ·5 inch touch screen cell phone
  • ·WIFI  high-speed Internet connectivity
  • ·Dual sim card dual standby
  • ·ISDB-T Digital TV free
  •    Analog TV free
  • ·Quadband GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • ·Dual cameras
  •    Support Face detection
  • ·Bluetooth A2DP
  • ·E-book reader
  • ·FM radio (support putout voice)
  • ·Support Java 2.0
  • ·Support G-sensor
  • ·MP3/MP4 Player
  • ·Slide to unlock/Power off
  • ·Language :English/French/Spanish/German/Italian/ Russian/Turkish/Portuguese/ Bahasa Indonesia/BahasaMelayu/ Vietnamese/Dutch/Greek/Polish/Czech


Every now and then we to take a technological leap on smartphone devices as the future is bright for the quad-cores to rule in – even for the Chinese manufacturer.

Meizu, a company from China plan to release their flagship’s smartphone model, the MX and it boast quad-core processor which something that is non-existence on the current mobile market if you take away dedicated gaming handheld of course.

Speaking of handheld, Sony’s PlayStation Vita also powering up the quadruple force but it still remains to be seen whether the Chinese has been using the same Samsung engine found in the Vita.

Other specs include a generous 32GB of storage, 4.3-inch qHD display and they’re also topping it up with other variant which is only spotting a dual-core and 16GB which, frankly, more than enough to compete with the current smartphones.

Whether or not it can go head-to-head with Apple’s next generation smartphone, the iPhone 5 is yet to be seen as there are no official confirmation on the specs, and it’s availability.

Anyhow, you can take home the Android powerhouse as low as ¥4,999 ($780) which is a real bargain for most of the watchful eyes out there.


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