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Mi-Fone Mi-106 – Specifications:

  • RF Band: GSM900/1800 Or GSM850/1900
  • Processor: Infineon ULC2 Secure Sim Lock available
  • Size: 105 x 45 x 13
  • Talk time (hr): 3
  • Weight (gm): 86
  • Standby time (hr): 180
  • Battery (mAh): 650
  • Phone book: 300
  • LCD: 1.47″ / 65K colour 128 x 128
  • Ring tone: 16 Midi / AMR
  • FM Radio: Yes
  • Torch Light: Yes
  • Selling point: Low cost entry phone, Secure sim lock

Download Mi-Fone Mi-106 User Manual

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  1. by Snson, on August 28 2012 @ 8:39 am


    Yet, T-Mo is losing their long-time csmrouets rapidly, due to system mistakes in billing, too. People who’s been with T-Mo for 5, 10 years are going elsewhere because of this. Look into your bill very closely, if you don’t find anything wrong today, surely you will find in next one. Pretty soon they are going to charge you extra for even farting while you are on the phone. Yes, I am very unhappy with them as of now. Being with for last almost 12 years, they were charging me cancelation fees on my 5 lines; even I kept all 5, just switched to different plan!! I know that’s in agreement, but .comon’!! A little of appreciation here pls after 11 years paying close to $300 a month?? Yet, another example never been late with payments. Few months back I knew I gotta get my paycheck late. Called them up, made postdated check. Then very next day I had to go out of country. Paid all with Credit card, called them up again, cancelled that postdated check and I moved my checking account to another bank. When I got back 2 weeks later, I had been charged with late fee and returned check fee. Had to fight with them for 4 weeks to get those reversed!!!! To me, it looked like stealing, they became very greedy. People do NOT like it; at least I do not like it at all. No wonder they ARE going down….. 

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