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  1. by kenneth mangundayao, on April 1 2016 @ 12:39 pm


    Help!!! i dont have the emmc In Samsung S5 China How?

  2. by Gonçalo Neves, on April 1 2016 @ 1:32 pm


    Hi there my phone insantly turns on in this menu but then i cant do anything can you help?

  3. by Renald Schembri, on April 1 2016 @ 1:47 pm


    hi i have the elephone p10c but i dont have the emmc

  4. by DaVinci, on April 1 2016 @ 1:57 pm


    thannks my firend! Saved my day!

  5. by rick9021090210, on April 1 2016 @ 2:49 pm


    Thanx!!! saved a Blu Dash 4.0 d272 with this one…
    What I did:
    With the phone turned off AND charged at 50% at least….
    Press VOL- and POWER and the sensitive touch MENU button (symbol with 3 lines) until it started, and then the chinese factory menu popped up… selected the MMC option like the video comments say and it restarted. thats it!

    Gracias, recupere un Blu Dash 4.0 d272 con este video…
    Lo que hice:
    Con el telefono apagado y cargado al 50% por lo menos….
    Presiona VOL- y POWER y el boton sensitivo MENU (son unas rayitas)
    luego, encendio y el menu chino aparecio, seleccione la opcion MMC como la descripcion del video muestra y el telefono se reinicio… despues ya esta!


  6. by Enrico Capobianco, on April 1 2016 @ 3:20 pm



  7. by Campos Oliveira, on April 1 2016 @ 3:54 pm


    Não estou conseguindo entrar no recovery em chines. Mesmo apertando botão de ligar + volume para baixo. Já tentei também os 3 botões e também não consegui. Só consigo entrar no recovery em ingles. Preciso entrar no recovey chines. Meu aparelho é samsung galaxy note 3 SM-N9006. Pode me ajudar?

  8. by Серёга Герасименко, on April 1 2016 @ 4:34 pm


    translated into Russian Now these words

  9. by Shey Austen, on April 1 2016 @ 5:04 pm


    I just did and it already reached 100% but it stopped thre. shud i do sumting else? it is taking too long now

  10. by genie manahan bota, on April 1 2016 @ 5:42 pm


    how can i remove the privacy protective pssword on my phone

  11. by Denise Nase, on April 1 2016 @ 6:01 pm


    How can I cancel the reboot? Is it the chinese one written on top? (The first one)

  12. by LU-Jeandro ry sy eie Concrete trok, on April 1 2016 @ 6:17 pm


    there us bi eMMC what do i do now

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