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How do I flash the T5353?

How do I flash the T5353?

Before you flash anything, please consider:
  • 1. This might not be the ROM for your phone – is your phone model the same?
  • 2. Even if this ROM is for your same model of phone, it is still possible that it might kill your phone – sometimes the manufacturer changes the hardware on newer models without notice. So ROMs for previous phones might not work on newer phones.
  • 3. If you do not follow the instructions exactly, you might kill your phone.
  • 4. If you are feeling uneasy at this point, then you should definitely contact your seller before you flash anything. We put these ROMs up for the phones we sell. But they might be out of date by the time you flash.
  • 5. If you flash your phone and get a white screen, usually the only way to resurrect your phone from the grave is to send it to a shaman witch doctor in a phone factory in China.
  • 6. Finally, after reading 1 – 5, are you really, really sure that you want to flash your phone? If so, please continue.
  • 1. Download the T5353 ROM to your computer from
  • 2. Unzip the ROM file and place the contents on a memory card. The memory card must be 2 GB or less, in FAT 16 format.
  • 3. Turn off the phone. Put the memory card in the phone. Take out the battery and then put it back in.
  • 4. Press and hold the (1) Volume Up and (2) Power buttons at the same time. Release the buttons when the screen activates.
  • 5. The phone will update automatically.
If successful, the LED light on the phone will flash slowly, the progress bar on the phone will reach 100%, and the phone will restart automatically.
If the installation fails, the LED light will flash quickly. In this situation, check the steps above to make sure you have followed them correctly.

The HTC Touch Diamond II T5353 (Unlocked) comes with a stylish all-metal frame, with smooth flawless edges. This HTC cell phone The features a 3.2 inch, ultra-sharp touch screen that allows you to easily browse videos, listen to music, visit websites, and download multimedia. The HTC Touch Diamond 2 also comes packed with the usual features, including  music player, video player,Bluetooth, and 5MP camera. The auto-focus camera on this HTC cell phone captures your best moments in high resolution for quality images and video. The WAP and GPRS in the HTC Touch Diamond 2 help you navigate the internet with your fingertips. A true smartphone that runs Windows Mobile 6.x OS.

Here is the Video: