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A new generation Sciphone i68 cell phone, Sciphone i68 4G cell phone coming with new appearance, but pls note, it is a Sciphone i68 4G cell phone not a iPhone 4G cell phone. This Sciphone I68 4G phone has wifi function that can surf the internet more quickly, and dual sim cards dual standby can use two sim cards at the same time. the cell phone is still have other functions, such as, java, Quad band, 3.2 inch touch screen, dual camera.

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1.Do sciphone i68 whether his support of JAVA ebook

Answer: after I test, as in the following documents, should can 1-m. We have upgraded jan.7 (2 trillion version),
But about in the book, I have I68 following Suggestions:

1.ANYVIEW3.0, installation, the software can be very smooth operation, and can open the TXT/UMD/HTLM such documents.

2. and tried to TXT file format, if the books in the 1-m within the machine, with ebook function can see, but you’d better set auto flip, manual flip inconvenient.

3. I feel better, JAVA e-books in 0.8 M below the file size, running will some.

2. sciphone i68 Internet problems:

yesterday we start with i68, without any problem on JAVA, today after a problem.Use the browser i68 cabin when surfing the Internet without problems, but no access network will appear JAVA.Here, the opera great wisdom appears unable to access the network etc. Depressed in ~

Answer: I’ll give you a wonderful way to solve this problem, the Internet several cannot delete, install a program to solve this problem, can I also exists.sciphone I68


The SciPhone i68 is a Shanzhai mobile phone manufactured in China. Due to the various incremental models released it is also known as the i68+ or i68++

Like most of the SciPhone branded (clone) phones it features dual sim functionality, which allows users to run two separate sim cards at the same time. Some (official) SciPhone allows users to run only one sim card by session, they must to choose what sim to use at the phone starting menu.

Technical specifications: 

Do you have a Sciphone? With its internet capabilities, you can check your email or surf the web. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to set up your internet on the Sciphone 168. In order to set it up you need to contact your service provider for information such as an IP address, etc.


Another video review of the great Sciphone i68 4G.

Complete specs & features here.

Just shake it! 🙂

Sciphone i68 4G WIFI Dual Sim JAVA 3.2″

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