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1.Do sciphone i68 whether his support of JAVA ebook

Answer: after I test, as in the following documents, should can 1-m. We have upgraded jan.7 (2 trillion version),
But about in the book, I have I68 following Suggestions:

1.ANYVIEW3.0, installation, the software can be very smooth operation, and can open the TXT/UMD/HTLM such documents.

2. and tried to TXT file format, if the books in the 1-m within the machine, with ebook function can see, but you’d better set auto flip, manual flip inconvenient.

3. I feel better, JAVA e-books in 0.8 M below the file size, running will some.

2. sciphone i68 Internet problems:

yesterday we start with i68, without any problem on JAVA, today after a problem.Use the browser i68 cabin when surfing the Internet without problems, but no access network will appear JAVA.Here, the opera great wisdom appears unable to access the network etc. Depressed in ~

Answer: I’ll give you a wonderful way to solve this problem, the Internet several cannot delete, install a program to solve this problem, can I also exists.sciphone I68


The SciPhone i68 is a Shanzhai mobile phone manufactured in China. Due to the various incremental models released it is also known as the i68+ or i68++

Like most of the SciPhone branded (clone) phones it features dual sim functionality, which allows users to run two separate sim cards at the same time. Some (official) SciPhone allows users to run only one sim card by session, they must to choose what sim to use at the phone starting menu.

Technical specifications: 

Do you have a Sciphone? With its internet capabilities, you can check your email or surf the web. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to set up your internet on the Sciphone 168. In order to set it up you need to contact your service provider for information such as an IP address, etc.


Games for the Sciphone i68

There are plenty of java games for download on the net but most of them don’t work.
The reasons could be that internal phone memory is not enough or lack of touchscreen support.

After testing many jar files we could find the ones that did work on this phone.

There are 25 and this is the list:

Age of empires 2 Touchscreen
AstroPop JAM Keyboard
Backgammon Touchscreen
Checkers Touchscreen
Devil May Cry JAM Keyboard
Eragon Touchscreen
Flexis Extreme Touchscreen
Frogger Evolutions Virtual Keyboard onscreen
Hitman Blood Money Virtual Keyboard onscreen
Ice Age 2 JAM Keyboard
Kojak Detective Puzzle Touchscreen
Magnetic Joe Touchscreen
Maya Temples of Secrets JAM Keyboard
Medieval Combat Touchscreen
MobiChess Touchscreen
Othello Deluxe Touchscreen
Pang Touchscreen
Paris Hilton DQ ML Touchscreen
Platinum Sudoku Touchscreen
S Club Manager JAM Keyboard
Sherlock Holmes JAM Keyboard
Sims 2 Castaway JAM Keyboard
SkyForce JAM Keyboard
Solytare Touchscreen
TomCatDogFight Virtual Keyboard onscreen


Do you need to know how to download music onto sciphone? Since the age of cell phones, the technology for them has come a long way. Like each new computer that is built, each new cell phone is bought to the market with even more bells and whistles.

One of the most popular cell phones today is the iPhone manufactured by the ever popular Apple company. However, the iPhone comes with a hefty price tag due to its rocketing popularity and quality. This has led many users to look for cheaper clones of the iPhone so that they are able to afford and own something similar.

The Sciphone is one of the cheaper replicas of the iPhone- and if you have one, you need to know how to download music to it.

The Sciphone i68 comes prepacked with one gigabyte of internal memory that you can save pictures, music, or video too at your leisure. However, the internal memory for the phone is also upgradable through an external memory card. The external memory card will add even more space for your Sciphone to store files like music.

If you purchase a memory card and want to download music to this card, here is the process you should use to do so.

  1. First, connect your Sciphone i68 to your computer using the USB cord that came with the phone. Plug the proper end into the phone and the other end into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Once the phone is properly connected, go to your start menu and select My Computer. In there you should see your Sciphone appear as an external drive if it is connected properly.
  3. Double click on the Sciphone external drive to open it and enter your memory card
  4. Once the file is open for your memory card you will see many folders. One of these folders should be named music. Double click this file to open it.
  5. Once the music file is open, find the music saved on your computer that you would like to add to your phone. This is usually in MP3 format. Drag and drop each song to the music folder on the Sciphone. If you are transferring multiple songs, you can do this by holding down the Control button on your keyboard, selecting any songs you want, and then pulling all the songs to the music folder.
  6. After the songs have completed copying, follow the instructions for properly disconnecting your USB device from your computer as to avoid any damage to the unit.
  7. Scroll through the options in your phone to the music and look for the songs you have just imported or downloaded to your phones additional memory card. From here, you can listen to these files using your Sciphone i68.

Other Features of the Sciphone

You can also do a lot more besides add music to your Sciphone. As of 2010 most recent version of this phone is model i68. The Sciphone i68 is an LCD touch display phone that features:

  • A 3.2 inch 16 million color screen
  • A 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Bluetooth capability
  • FM tuner

It is able to support external memory cards to add to its already available storage capacity of 1 GB of internal memory. The Sciphone i68 has all the bells and whistles of the iPhone without the price tag.



China phones are everywhere. Not only are these devices sold on the black market, but also fast-becoming popular goods in the mainstream market. Why do people patronize these devices? Read on and find out why.

China’s gray market handset industry is a huge thing these days. It was non-existent in the past, but these bandit phones or locally known as “shanzhai ji” sold a whooping 750 million handsets in 2008.

The manufacturers of these counterfeit phones made it simple to produce a phone that is cheap yet packed with features. But more often, these devices were poor in quality because the technologies used for making these phones are below the standard.

Amidst the fact that these off-brand phones are low in quality, many consumers are persuaded to buy them because of the cheap prices. Consumers see these phones as disposable units since it can easily be replaced once it is broken.

Let’s do a little background check on the bandit phones that people are raving about. Gadg pointed out the top three China phone that are considered best-sellers.


Many of us wonder what are the differences between Cect and Sciphone, and I9 vs i68. That’s not a easy task, and we can check a lot of photos and videos of them, to try to make the choice.

Here is a table to help check the main differences:

CECT I9 vs Sciphone i68

Release Date
Dec 2009
Jan 2009
Network Type
GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900
GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900
Operating System
Display Size
240 x 320
240 x 320
Screen Type
260K Colors (TFT)
265K Colors (TFT)
Installed Memory
2048.0 MB
256.0 MB
Antenna Type
Bluetooth, USB
Bluetooth, USB
Digital Camera Resolution
2.0 Megapixels
1.3 Megapixels
Digital Camera Zoom
Input Method
Touch Screen, Handwrite Recognition
Keypad, Touch Screen, Touchpad
Standby Time
240.0 Hours
200.0 Hours
Talk Time
240.0 Hours
4.0 Hours
Address Book Capacity
500.0 Contacts
Data Formats
WAP 2.0
WAP 2.0
Messaging Formats
Multimedia Features
Integrated Digital Camera,MIDI Ringtones,MP3 player,MP3 ringtones,MPEG4 video playback,Video Player,Video Recorder,Polyphonic ringtones,FM Radio
FM Radio
Organizer Features
Alarm clock, Calendar, Handwriting Recognition
Alarm clock, Calendar
Other Features
Vertical and Horizontal Display
Push to Talk, Screensaver
Phone Features
Integrated speakerphone
Vibrating Alert, Hands Free Options
0.24 oz.
4.3 oz.



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