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2013 is almost half over, and one thing is clear: it will be the year of the Chinese supersmartphones. There, they already outnumber the PCs as the primary device to access the Internet, but end up not being very well known around here, mainly by the geographical difficulty of such releases hit the market. Some brands have left the “xing-ling factor” aside, and decided to heavily invest in products with high technical specifications, precisely to provide a better user experience. And without owing anything to the major global manufacturers releases.


Let’s show some major Chinese releases, showing that they can be “less Chinese” than you think. These are high-end models, which can well meet the most demanding users, even though they are unknown brands to most of the users.


Top 10 iPhone Clone

By soumitra, Gaea News Network


If you believe that we live in a world of illusions and there is no such distinction between the real one and the duplicate one, here are something that you may feel interested in. Beauty comes with the fear of being eyed too much. And it seems, iPhone is under it. There are many duplicates of iPhone available in the market. We have found out some of them. Want to know their capabilities and price? Stick to us.


For those looking to sell and resell mobiles, China remains on the list of very best countries through which to procure bulk orders.

Perhaps you own heard of some of the top brands taken from China. Brands for example Sciphone, Airphone, Hiphone, UPMC Minuscule Notebook, and Eken are but primarily popular names on the market.

China remains the nation that is making essentially the most cell phone on the earth and has produced volumes in the hundreds of millions. There is a significant demand for cellular throughout the country. China is certainly desiring to meet this demand.

China Phones Costs

But, will be the cheap mobile telephones made in The far east really as cheap as people say they are?

Certainly, they are considerably cheaper than name brand phones which might be sold in other parts of the universe.

For those looking to try a solid phone, it is possible to buy one from China at retail prices utilize the 47 to 115 pounds.

Prices will rely upon the features contained in the phone. Of training, the wholesale prices to the phones would be even less costly.


Chinese manufacturers are famous for their ability to roll out uncanny knockoffs of successful products, and Apple’s iPhone is no exception. Literally hundreds of iPhone knockoffs have come out of China, ranging from empty shells with the LED Apple logo lit up to exact copies (until the phone stops working and you crack it open to find all the parts are in the wrong place). Here are the best of the wannabes.

Here are our ten favorite wannabe phones:

10. Prada

Prada phone iphone knockoff, clone, android phone

We had to start the list off with the Prada for two reasons: one, because the name is so closely associated with great design, and two, because the design here is so flagrantly an iPhone it’s hilarious.

Seriously, Prada?  How often do you complain about those evil pirates stealing your clothes, and then you turn around and do this?  We’re going to buy knockoff handbags without wincing, now.


Nice video comparing FlyYing FG8 and  Hero H3000:

more info on FlyYing FG8:

more info on Hero H3000:

What I Know about Sciphone i68 4G and iPhone 4

iPhone 4G is on hot sale for several months, thousands of peple are attracted by its charming appearance and multi-function. To get a iPhone is a symbol of fashion. However, other people are annoyed by the high cost of the application of iPhone. They prefer to get other mobiles which are high similar to iPhone 4G. This is a considerate opinion for them. While enjoying iPhone 4G life, they avoid high payment of the application. Sciphone i68 4G is one of this “iPhone 4G economizer”. I spent 4 hours in internet collecting the parameter of Sciphone i68 4G. I do compare it with Apple iPhone 4G. Now share it to readers:


China phones are everywhere. Not only are these devices sold on the black market, but also fast-becoming popular goods in the mainstream market. Why do people patronize these devices? Read on and find out why.

China’s gray market handset industry is a huge thing these days. It was non-existent in the past, but these bandit phones or locally known as “shanzhai ji” sold a whooping 750 million handsets in 2008.

The manufacturers of these counterfeit phones made it simple to produce a phone that is cheap yet packed with features. But more often, these devices were poor in quality because the technologies used for making these phones are below the standard.

Amidst the fact that these off-brand phones are low in quality, many consumers are persuaded to buy them because of the cheap prices. Consumers see these phones as disposable units since it can easily be replaced once it is broken.

Let’s do a little background check on the bandit phones that people are raving about. Gadg pointed out the top three China phone that are considered best-sellers.


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