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J. Wong continues to unveil new info on its Meizu M9.

* Because of a small quantity of Meizu M9 device available when it goes on sale in the store, J.Wong will not open order on the official website.
* J. Wong says that Web browsing with Meizu M9 is much better than the iPhone 4.
* The sound quality of the M9 has been treated with care.
* No availability date has been decided for the White version of Meizu M9
* The display of the M9 is better than the iPhone’s 4 closer to standart value.
* Only Android 2.2 is supported for the momment until new versions come.
* The first batch of Retina screen has already arrived at the factory test phases.
* J. Wong give cash back to owners of M8, 1 to 2 months after the marketing of the M9.
* Pre-orders will begin in early December, those who applies with pre-order will receive hands-free kit as a gift.
* First picture of the interface with the Meizu M9 Retina resolution (960 * 640)

J.wong CEO of MEIZU wants to hit the conscience for its future smartphone, the Meizu M9 and M9II. This is why the brand has just announced a new logo in ancient Chinese character. Not very original as the idea comes from Lenovo and its Lephone and is much less beautifully. In addition it serves as an excuse to announce a further delay, since it will now wait until December 2010 in order to admire a prototype in the Meizu store instead of early November. He presented an initial picture of the future M9II 4.0 inch screen with 1024x640px (just a bigger Meizu M9 ) and announces an availability for mid-2011.

Meizu M9II photo with the new Meizu logo