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Nothing could be perfect but we can make it closer to perfect! Meizu M9 could be a example on this statement for it depressed some customers by the lack of Android Market and now it has some improvements—the update and bug fixes! Among these updates, maybe the most favored is that the Android Market is now supported! Let’s take a look what these updates are:

1. Backup-Restore speed optimization

2. Camera now supports bar-code scanner function. Other misc errors in the camera software have also been fixed.

3. Gallery application UI has been customized.

4. Maps and GTalk are not pre-installed.

5. Automatic APK install has been added, meaning once the update is complete the M9 will automatically reinstall all your apps from your SD card.

6. Misc location, service, SMS errors fixed

7. Android Market bug fixes

8. English translation fixes

9. The size of Calendar widget has been made smaller.

If you want to download the updates please go to the Meizume forums.

Broken Meizu M9 Screen


This photo here proves the Meizu M9 is not perfect to be a durable smartphone. It failed to survive a 3.5-foot drop, but at least, the handset is still working flawlessly. One more pic after the break.


Broken Meizu M9 Screen


Oh, one can replace the M9’s screen in a Meizu store. No worries.

Meizu M9, Chinese iphone, Samsung galaxy, meizu m9 reviews, meizu m9 videos

Meizu’s CEO Jack Wong has three reasons to roll on the floor this New Year. Mr. Dictator Steve Jobs is not able to shelve down the potential iPhone clone from the subcontinent, the Jan 1, 2011 shipping date is final and they are claiming the Meizu M9 has already crossed 100,000 preorders. There is news to rejoice for us as well-the Internet is buzzing with hands on videos of Meizu M9 starting from booting time to HD playback. If that’s not enough, we now bring you a lot of new photos and a faceoff with original and its best competitor.

Yep, Meizu M9 grabbed the title of super cool Android phone and sports all wonderful features of a hi-tech smartphone. Looks a little shabby and chubby compared to the stunning iPhone 4 body, but sports the same dazzling 3.5-inch touchscreen with the resolution of 960×640.

Meizu M9, Chinese iphone, Samsung galaxy, meizu m9 reviews, meizu m9 videos

It has been captured in different angles side by side with iPhone.

Meizu M9, Chinese iphone, Samsung galaxy, meizu m9 reviews, meizu m9 videos

The image clarity is good, but not as crisp and bright as the iPhone. Read more… »

Meizu company chose the first day of 2011 to launched its highly-anticipated phone M9 in China today. Meizu in the mobile industry become known for its first phone M8 that looks very similar to iPhone. It seems that the company does not only copy Apple’s design, but also the company’s market strategy and culture. In China, Meizu has successfully abstracted a vast group of young people to become its loyal fans. So today the phone M9 arose craze as iPad and iPhone did in China’s big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, etc. The video shows in China mainland’s most modern city Shanghai, though the whether is very cold, people were standing in extremely long lines around the shop for M9.

This video gives a detailed look of M9. The whole phone looks very decent, and sort of similar to its predecessor M8.

The video above show’s the UI of the phone. M9 runs Android 2.2, but it gets a highly customized UI, as you might have expected, with similar style to M8. As you could see from the video, the UI is quite straight forward and easy to use. Also, the response is very smooth.

2 more videos:

The Meizu M9 will not be in the shadow of mystery or those leaked photos anymore because the network license which delayed the M9’s release date has just arrived to Meizu Corporation from the Chinese State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on 15, December. So, it is hoped that we can buy the M9 on Christmas day or later.

I was wondering why the M9 is so hot even it has not unveiled yet and here is a comparison between M9 and iPhone 4 which may shows a good reason for this question. This comparison is in Swedish but we can figure out that the green parts are the winners. And this comparison shows that the M9 has a better CPU and probably a better screen. And the huge differences between them are just two parts: the O.S and the price!

Here is the comparison picture of M9 and iPhone 4: (Click it to see the original one)


Meizu M9 is doing so well in China after encountered a delay previously, received over 30,000 pre-order units, indeed it is unstoppably increasing everyday. It priced reasonably affordable for most people in China, but also with desirable performance. More Meizu M9 UI shots teases your interest after the jump.

Meizu M9 UI 

Meizu M9 UI

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