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Dapeng T6000 WiFi Analog TV Dual SIM Dual Screen Dual Cameras Java G-sensor Phone

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The designer is always keeping creative to catch up the fast development of mobile market. This time, shows the last Dapeng Phone: DAPENG T6000 phone with creative dual screens.

Dual screens
This dual screen degisn is very special. The difference of the extremely cool phone from the common flip phone is that this DAPENG T6000’s flip cover comes with dual screens. As far as people known, a general flip phone just have a single screen inside. But this DAPENG T6000 has dual screen both outside and inside of the flip cover.

The dual screen can be available alternative. If users don’t want to open the flip, user can just use the phone like a common touch sreen bar phone. However, if people want to use a flip phone, they just need to open the flip cover, and the phone become a powerful flip phone with great Qwerty keyboard. It is very fantastic. It is very flexible to use!

Except the latest cool dual screens, this great DAPENG T6000 shares a great many other fashion and hot functions. The article will disscuss them below.

Like all the good phone, this cheap phone comes with WiFi function. As long as there is hot spot, users can surf the internet wirelessly without extra charge. Besides, the WiFi quality is very stable, and the signal is strong for surfing the net.

The dual screen phone comes with lots of interesting Java applications. In addition to the default Opera, MSN, eBuddy, etc. users can also download a large number of other Java applications from the Internet like interesting games.

The DAPENG T6000 phone also support analog TV function. Esay and convenient to carry, it is really the preferred partner for people to kill the boring time in the long or short trip. People and search many wonderful programms with very clear and stable effect.

Qwerty keyboard
Designing the bar phone and flip phone into one, this phone can also support Qwerty keyboard. It is very convenient to input. Users can have a easier choice while typing text.

It worth mentioned that the G-sensor of this phone is very smart. After setting needed selection, users just need to shake the phone softly, it can change to next theme, songs, menu, etc. Also, it can support automatic screen rotate according to the move direction of users.

HD dual camera with Flash
The China phone is equipped with high definition dual camera with flash. It can really meet the needs of photographing. Although it is just a phone, its pixel is high: the sensor 1 is 1280*960 and the sensor 2 is 1600*1200, its picture and video effect is very clear. It is just like a real digital camera.

It is really a great phone. In addition, it can meet the deminds of users from the worldwide countries. Because it support suprising multi-languages: English, Franch, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Czech, Slovak, Dutch, Vietamese, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.