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Dapeng T3000 Highlights:

  1. Dual SIM – This phone comes with Dual SIM technology, allowing you to switch easily between two SIM cards/phone numbers without having to physically take them out and swap them over-saving you time and hassle
  2. FM Radio – A built-in FM tuner lets you tune into your favorite radio station wherever you are – great for chilling out and relaxing to some music whenever you feel like taking a break from the daily grind
  3. QWERTY Keypad – No more having to bother with alpha-numeric keys and having predictive text mess up your message – type e-mails more easily and quickly with this full QWERTY keypad
  4. Touchscreen – Easy-to-use and responsive touchscreen allows for smooth navigating No more do you have to worry about trying to press all those tiny little buttons – Touchscreen will make using your phone a breeze!
  5. 180 degree Screen – Sideways or longways, your screen follows you
  6. Bluetooth – Another feature of this great cell phone is its Bluetooth capability Bluetooth allows the phone to communicate without devices, such as hands free headsets, wirelessly-a great solution for people constantly on the move It also provides a safe and easy way to have a phone conversation while driving
  7. JAVA – Built-in Java technology means you can get the latest Apps to use on this phone Whether for business or pleasure, this phone provides a great platform for any Java-based application you want to run
  8. TV-Enabled – Want to catch your favorite TV show while you’re out and about, or your team is playing and you’re nowhere near home? Not to worry, a powerful built-in analogue antenna will pick up all your favorite analogue TV channels for free!
  9. WiFi – Check emails or just surf the Web with advanced WiFi technology News,e-mails,games,anything you want is at your finger tips!


Chinese clonners like to adapt the iPhone to any situation, and I must admit that this new Dapeng T3000 looks classy. Indeed it is one of the first to have a 180-degree swivel screen and a Qwerty keyboard. Despite this additional features, the lines of this clone is still magnificent and as the Chinese like to add their touch of style, the outer shell is made of fake Louis Vuitton pattern leather!

The specifications are quite complete for the price. It has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, supports Java, has an SD slot, two cameras, an FM radio, MP3/MP4 player, Dual SIM, Quad Band, MTK interface, G-sensor etc. … It adopts a 3.2-inch screen with a resolution of 320 × 480px, and it offers a micro USB plug and jack headphone output. Finally, it measures 117×65×20mm and weighs 118g with its 2800mAh battery. And as usual, the price is friendly as it is proposed at a price of around $125.