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Many people wonders about this.

Well… The answer is so simple… it’s all about the screen…!

  • C6A = Apple iphone screen, use original iphone 2nd generation LCD (Better than C6T/S)
  • C6T = Toshiba screen, use Toshiba company LCD
  • C6S = Sharp screen, use Sharp company LCD
Easy… 🙂

Before i start let me just tell you “what’s New” with the Ciphone C6a – Ciphone C6 Second generation :

-Faster CPU/Better graphic
-Double the storage for the same old price
-High Hardness New TP material LCD screen
-Latest WM6.1 Operation System
-New Smart phone softwares
-Fixed some softwares bugs
-More flater than old c6
-Apple iPhone user interface

And that is everything~ depends on your needs, there are 8G and 16G two versions to choose.

*Important Note* : only the New Ciphone C6a (342Version, that is the way named by local chinese cell phone seller) is the second generation C6. Details as below.

About new TP screen. First, let me tell you that what happened to me about the ciphone c6’s screen. when i go outside, i always take c6 with me and listening the music. “Ring,Ring, Ring…”some one calls, and i pick it up, “hello,waysale…”Bluh,Bluh,Bluh, after a few minutes, the call is off, i find there are a lot of face moulage on my c6 screen, also some oil stuff. I need to clear it right away and it happened always. For now, the new Ciphone C6a can fix it, which uses the new TP anti-scratch material glass as the new c6’s LCD screen.The face moulage or fingerprint problem will no longer confuse me.


There hasn’t been such a great mobile phenomenon as Apple’s iPhone. But way back when it was first introduced in January 2007, it was only available in certain countries and came with a hefty price tag in addition to a 2 years calls/texts/data plan which made it near impossible to import from the US. So the rest of the world could only look upon with envy those countries lucky enough to sell Apple’s first smartphone.

With so much talk about the new mobile globally it was bound to get the attention of the not-really-but-mostly-still communist country, China. And with that attention came their ability to produce a certain kind of product that they’re well known for: knock-offs.

Thus came the influx of fake iPhones flooding the market. There are too many of these phones to identify but the most common brands of these knock-offs are Cect, HiPhone, SciPhone and CiPhone. Today we’ll look at the one that most resembles the iPhone 3G/3GS, the CiPhone C6.

Unlike most other China fakes out there the C6 mimics the iPhone aesthetically right down to the 3.5″ screen in the front to the apple logo on the back . What’s also similar is the program that runs a UI very close to that of the iPhone’s OSX which can be launched from it’s default OS; Windows Mobile 6.1.

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Ciphone C6 Windows Mobile 6.1 Smart Phone

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