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Lets see, Ill go over the pros and cons vs the iPhone. Don’t let the number of pros vs number of cons fool you. I am overall satisfied with the phone. At first I was scared since it was a chinese iphone clone with no warranty but it seems pretty solid and the battery is a standard model. The biggest issue I am unable to judge is the value. This is my first pocket PC so I am mostly unable to judge if it was really worth $300 or not. I can say that when I showed it to a co-worker with an iPhone his response was “is that an iPhone” then after using it for a second his reply was “this is what I need, Windows Mobile, I hate my iPhone”.


  • screen a bit smaller (3.2″ 320×240 res) and not perfectly centered vertically (I’m OCD)
  • viewing angles suck for movie watching with more than one person  (stop laughing now)
  • Slow bootup, see bellow
  • processor a lot slower (180mhz TI OMAP 850 with dedicated core for calls etc.., iPhone has a 650mhz chip)
  • outer touch screen plastic instead of glass (cant crack, so slight silver lining)
  • Dust + crud can get in ear hole and behind touch screen (Fixed with tape + needle holes)
  • Data port is only way to charge, is a non standard plug type. Will the contacts wear out and require a serious mod job to replace with a more standard USB data plug?
  • A good bit thicker than even 3g
  • Pretty heavy
  • All plastic except battery cover
  • No tilt sensor
  • No accesories such as skins or covers available
  • The one soft button doesnt apper to be programmable, only takes you to start screen
  • T32 is close to the same price but has internal GPS and a few other extra features (Except quadband, hence I had to buy m88 instead).
  • Data is only GPRS, not sure what speed

Pros: 

If you read my articles, you know that I have sort of a hobby or obsession about researching and writing about iPhone clones. You may also know that clones with WiFi, GPS, and Windows are pretty rare. Two models that come to mind are the T32 and now this one, the M88. The M88 is a true smartphone (WiFi, Windows 6.0 and GPS PLUS it supports Java, which makes thousands of other third party software / applications and games possible.

It also has all of the standard “everything in one phone” features like web browsing, email / text; MP3 / MP4; Bluetooth; digital camera / web cam; Fm radio; handwriting recognition; voice recorder; etc. This one is true quad band which means it can work with most any carrier you can image worldwide. You really just have to install the sim card and be on your way. The memory is expandable so you don’t have to worry about the phone eventually bogging or slowing down. It has the 3D flow touch feature as well.
You may also want to scroll down and check out the specs, video, and photos.

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Small video on how to dismount and open the M88.

Video review of MiPhone m88+, by Mundo GSM

CECT Windows Mobile Wifi M88 Tips and Tricks

How to compose an SMS?

CECT M88 Smart Phone with Wifi Function Windows 6.0 PPC System unlocked PDA:

  • Model: CECT M88
  • 3.2inch high-definition digital screen, sliding unlock
  • Quad-band:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • WiFi wireless accessing internet support
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system,smart phone
  • Support Office sotfware,Word Excel PPT,PDF documents
  • Processor:TI OPMAP 850
  • Data Transmission:GPRS 10
  • Built in FM
  • Built-in flash MP4 player and MP3 player
  • Support Java procedures add,support MSN,SKYPE Software
  • 2.0.Mega Pixels high-definition dual cameras
  • Bluetooth function
  • JAVA Games
  • Memory:128+64 MB SDRAM, support up to 8GB
  • Multi-languages: support

The CECT M88 is the Newest of CECT Smart phones . It was and still a success with his features : WIFI, Windows mobile 6,0 and JAVA .

Check out other M88 features in this nice video: