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JC666S TV is a mobile phone with Dual SIM Cards support (working in the same time), 2.8 inch touch TFT screen, and the back 1.4  inch TFT LCD. It also has Bluetooth, 2.0 M Camera, FM Radio, MP3 MP4 Player supported and some other cool features!

Features of JC666:
  • • Languages:English, Russian, Arabic, Deutsch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese,Spainish, Vietnamese, Bahasa Melayu, French, Turkish, Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese
  • • QVGA3.0 & 260K color screen
  • • Vice Display: 1.5 inch 260k TFT screen
  • • TV receiving and playing and recording
  • • Dual cards& Dual standby and Dual Bluetooth
  • • Dual display
  • • Super 3D stereo dual speakers
  • • 2M pixel camera
  • • Support 2.0 Bluetooth function
  • • Hand-writing and board PDA
  • • Support T-FLASH memory card expansion (present external memory card)
  • • Support GPRS wireless online
  • • MP4/MP3 player
  • • Support FM play without headset and voice recorder
  • • Support multi-languages
  • • Alarm clock、notepad、calculator、schedule、calling head portrait、time etc.

Video explaining how to install firmware or unbrick your CECT P168.

Try it at your own risk!

Download Flash Tools here:


This is only necessary if you want to attempt to install a different firmware version, if screwed up your phone by flashing it wrong, or if you made changes to your phone and just want to go back to the original setup. You do not need to do a full flash to customize your firmware. There are ways to just patch sections of your firmware to customize some of the graphics and sounds within the phone’s OS. (Although I never tried to change any sounds yet.)

The word is out and it’s pretty common knowledge that the CECT i9 is the new darling of the clone world. This phone contains many upgrades and is smaller and sleeker. It can also now house up to 8GB for maximum speed. I’m often asked about the specs for the CECT i9. Although this article would be too long if I attempted to cover every single inclusion, I will list and discuss the most popular below.

Cect I9 Specs:

  • Supporting Networks: This phone is a quad band which supports GSM 850, 1800, 1900, and 900 MHZ. This means that nearly all GSM networks that use sim cards are covered.
  • Display Screen Size: a 3.2 inch high definition touch screen with 240 X 320 pixels.
  • Ring tones: supports polyphonic, MP3 / MP4, and midi.
  • Music: supports MP3 and Bluetooth stereo; also supports shaking to change the music.
  • Video: supports 3GP/ MP4; and the screen changes from wide to full screen by tilting it.
  • Internet Connectivity: GPRS / WAP
  • Memory: Supported by TF card up to 8GB.
  • Messaging: MMS and SMS.
  • Data Transfer: USB Cable And Bluetooth.
  • Games: This is sort of a big deal because this is one of the only new clones to support Java 2.0. This allows you the ability to download countless games, softwares, and apps. for both fun and productivity.
  • Standby Time: 100-280 hours.
  • Talk Time: 100 -320 minutes.

Additional Features:

  • Dual sim slots allowing for two phone numbers of plans; FM radio; E book reader; hands free: voice recognition; calendar; to do list; memo; alarm clock; money converter / rate exchange; and coming call firewall.
  • In addition, this phone is smaller than most standard clones, with the dimensions of only 110 X 60 X 11.5 mm. It weighs only 95 grams.

Unboxing a Cect i9 Video:


  • l       Wifi funciton
  • l       Mini N97 with Qwerty Keyboard
  • l       Java function
  • l       Analog TV  for free
  • l       Touch screen
  • l       Slide to Unlock
  • l       Dual sim cards dual standby
  • l       E-book reader
  • l       Mp3 ,mp4
  • l       Support bluetooth 2.0
  • l       Dual camera max pixels1600*1200
  • l       FM radio
  • l       Gravity sensor(You can change music /wallpaper/Fm channel/TV channel by shake the phone)
  • l       Language : English/French/Spanish/Portuguese/Italian /Persian/ Arabic


If you are at loss at the difference between the CECT N97 and Nokia N97 then this is the direct answer to your grueling question:  Nokia N97 is one of the Nokia mobile smart phones in the N series which is notable for its slid out QWERTY keyboard, while N97 cloned by CECT, is the newest clone from CEC Telecom Ltd, the China based company notorious for their blunt clones of mainstream mobile phones (including Apple’s iPhone).  That means that N97 distributed by CECT is yet another clone from the company; in fact it is said that Nokia N97 was cloned by cect even before its release in the stores in the US.

We may not know the how and why of this mobile phone cloning business, but surely as consumers, we still have our choice to scrutinize the products we are buying.  However, we cannot also prejudge people who prefer the cloned ones over the original – reasons are so arbitrary and it still depends on the prerogative of the buyer.  At least, for practicality’s sake, cloned mobile phones can be outstanding buys for some people, but if you can afford the optimum performance and the efficient mobile experience being offered by the original ones, then it is still reasonable to buy the expensive and luxurious mobile phones that are original.

Lets see, Ill go over the pros and cons vs the iPhone. Don’t let the number of pros vs number of cons fool you. I am overall satisfied with the phone. At first I was scared since it was a chinese iphone clone with no warranty but it seems pretty solid and the battery is a standard model. The biggest issue I am unable to judge is the value. This is my first pocket PC so I am mostly unable to judge if it was really worth $300 or not. I can say that when I showed it to a co-worker with an iPhone his response was “is that an iPhone” then after using it for a second his reply was “this is what I need, Windows Mobile, I hate my iPhone”.


  • screen a bit smaller (3.2″ 320×240 res) and not perfectly centered vertically (I’m OCD)
  • viewing angles suck for movie watching with more than one person  (stop laughing now)
  • Slow bootup, see bellow
  • processor a lot slower (180mhz TI OMAP 850 with dedicated core for calls etc.., iPhone has a 650mhz chip)
  • outer touch screen plastic instead of glass (cant crack, so slight silver lining)
  • Dust + crud can get in ear hole and behind touch screen (Fixed with tape + needle holes)
  • Data port is only way to charge, is a non standard plug type. Will the contacts wear out and require a serious mod job to replace with a more standard USB data plug?
  • A good bit thicker than even 3g
  • Pretty heavy
  • All plastic except battery cover
  • No tilt sensor
  • No accesories such as skins or covers available
  • The one soft button doesnt apper to be programmable, only takes you to start screen
  • T32 is close to the same price but has internal GPS and a few other extra features (Except quadband, hence I had to buy m88 instead).
  • Data is only GPRS, not sure what speed

Pros: 

Do you have a Sciphone? With its internet capabilities, you can check your email or surf the web. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to set up your internet on the Sciphone 168. In order to set it up you need to contact your service provider for information such as an IP address, etc.


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