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After several appearances leaks and some of its settings, the Meizu finally announced the release date of Meizu MX, a smartphone with robust configurations, to conquer the Chinese (and the world). The launch date in China will be on January 1, 2012, and its price is about U.S. $ 470 (after conversion).

About their specs, it has a 4-inch ASV screen (960 x 640), dual-core processor Samsung Exynos, 1.4 GHz, 1 GB LPDDR2 RAM, 16 GB of storage (later, the Meizu will release a 32 GB), 0.3 MP camera on front and on rear 8 MP, a secondary microphone for noise reduction and 1600 mAh battery.

The manufacturer decided to opt for a physical button, which serves as home button. The model works with micro chip SIM mode 3G with HSPA +, in addition to having a custom version of Android 2.3.5 first (interface Flyme OS). Further, the model will receive the Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0.


Boost Mobile is looking forward for a better line of new Android devices with the latest addition of the ZTE Warp. For starters, it offers a huge 4.3-inch display that would be perfect for games and viewing pictures or movies. It also has a 1GHz solo core processor for multitasking, and a 5MP rear camera with autofocus capability and LED flash for photo quality. It may come out with Gingerbread on November 2, but it may also be one of the gracious phones to have the Ice Cream Sandwich updates.

It can accommodate much media with a MicroSD slot that can add up an additional 32GB memory in the system. It can connect via WiFi, GPS, and supports Stereo Bluetooth for media devices. It will be on sale at $249.99 on a prepaid plan, which can flex your use for data and other plans.

Source: Sprint Newsroom

Every now and then we to take a technological leap on smartphone devices as the future is bright for the quad-cores to rule in – even for the Chinese manufacturer.

Meizu, a company from China plan to release their flagship’s smartphone model, the MX and it boast quad-core processor which something that is non-existence on the current mobile market if you take away dedicated gaming handheld of course.

Speaking of handheld, Sony’s PlayStation Vita also powering up the quadruple force but it still remains to be seen whether the Chinese has been using the same Samsung engine found in the Vita.

Other specs include a generous 32GB of storage, 4.3-inch qHD display and they’re also topping it up with other variant which is only spotting a dual-core and 16GB which, frankly, more than enough to compete with the current smartphones.

Whether or not it can go head-to-head with Apple’s next generation smartphone, the iPhone 5 is yet to be seen as there are no official confirmation on the specs, and it’s availability.

Anyhow, you can take home the Android powerhouse as low as ¥4,999 ($780) which is a real bargain for most of the watchful eyes out there.


Press Release:

China Mobile phone models will probably be taking a large bite out of the market share of better recognized brands according to China wholesale company BuyeChina, having a sale that could reduce costs by up to 15% on some designs.


PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 20, 2011 – China Mobile phone  models will probably be taking a large bite out of the market share of better recognized brands according to China wholesale company BuyeChina, having a sale that could reduce costs by up to 15% on some designs.

Based on eBay powersellers the affordable China mobile phone has become a threat to established brand name models ever given that they began being popularized two years ago.

With china cell phones having quite a few the same functions as brand name models and costing just a fraction of the price some vendors say it has allowed them to come to be competitive sellers on sites like eBay.


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With the iPhone 5 expected to launch in October, knockoffs of the rumored phone have already started appearing in China. These knockoffs seem to be based on the leaked designs and specs from case manufacturers. giz-China reported that the “iPhone 5″ is being sold for $108 USD with a JAVA based OS, MP3, MP4 playback and Wi-Fi.

The knockoff hardware shows a flat curved design, with tapered edges however, the mute switch and the home button remain untouched. According to earlier reports the mute switch could be placed on the opposite side of the phone and introduce an elongated home button.

The Chinese knockoff is only 7mm thick while the iPhone 4 comes in at 9.3mm. Last year, with the release of the iPhone 4, case designs as well as the hardware itself was leaked before the official launch.

With the iPhone 5, case designs have already been rumored to be leaked. This knockoff could possibly be what the iPhone 5 looks like. Government initiatives in China have attempted to stop knockoffs from being produced but with so many designs and so many manufacturers, it is hard to get rid of them in it’s entirety.

{via MacRumors}

Press Release: China Unicom Launched First HSPA+ Mobile Phone with Sumsung Jul 19, 2011

BEIJING, July 19, SinoCast — China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. (NYSE: CHU, SEHK: 0762, and SHSE: 600050), a big telecommunication provider in China, jointly launched the first HSPA+ mobile phone with Sumsung on July 19.

The mobile phone model is GT-I9100 and will appear on the market in the second half of this year. China Unicom will issue corresponding terminal subsidy plan for this new model at the scheduled time.

On the “China Unicom WCDMA terminal chain Summit” held today, China Unicom has jointly released 15 kinds of new WCDMA intelligent terminal products, including the first HSPA+ mobile phone and the first Wo Phone, with mainstream cellphone makers.

Currently, China Unicom has finished the upgrading of the 3G network in 56 cities around the nation, improving maximum downloading speed to 21.6M/S. Meanwhile, the first batch of HSPA+ wireless net card products have been introduced in these cities since May.

Previously, a general manager in China Unicom disclosed that QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM) has launched a series of compatible chips for HSPA+ mobile phones. Meanwhile, major mobile phone manufacturers are also planning to introduce HSPA+ mobile phones in the second half of this year.

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