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The Chinese manufacturer presented its Meizu Pro 6.


The much talked about, Meizu Pro 6, was officially presented today in Beijing, joining the group of Chinese manufacturers of smartphones that presented earlier this year their high-end units as Xiaomi and Huawei.

Regarding the Meizu Pro 6 users can rely on a 5.2 inches Super AMOLED display,  metal construction with 48% less integrated plastic and also iown version of 3D Touch from Apple, this time with the name 3D Press.

As The Verge says there is no doubt that with the level of internal components, Meizu has ambitions to join the ranks of the tops manufacturers, stating that it has the first deca-core processor with MediaTek Helio x25 with 4GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB of internal storage space.

The camera also promises to delight of photos fans with a Sony IMX230 sensor with 21MP with a focusing speed of just 0.07 seconds. So far so impressive except the battery that is only 2,560 mAh, less than, such competing Xiaomi and Huawei and their Mi5 and P9, the two with 3000mAh.


The Meizu Pro 6 will hit the market later this month with the price of 344 euros (32GB) and 380 euros (64GB) giving choice to consumers between gray, black gold and pink gold.

meizu-pro5-officialMeizu Pro 5 is a large, 5.7-inch phone. It lives up to the ‘pro’ name with its hardware: it features the Exynos 7420 system chip that powers the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note5, one of the best performing chips out there. Meizu has also made a big jump in the quality of its design: many would be quick to notice that the Pro 5 looks a lot like an iPhone, but we would not go as far as to call it a direct clone. The materials used in the Pro 5 are sturdy metal for the body, with cutouts for the antennas, an overall design style that we’ve already seen on the Meizu MX5.

Meizu Pro 5 Specs:

  • Width78mm
  • Depth17.5mm
  • Height156.7mm
  • Weight1168g
  • Battery3050mAh(Typical value)



  • 32GB
  • 64GB


  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Silver-white
  • Silver-black


Intel, at MedPi – Monaco – has the opportunity to present an upcoming smartphone signed by the ZTE chinese supplier. Named Grand X2 In, it has the distinction of taking a first Intel Atom next generation. This is the famous CloverTrail+.


Remember that behind the CloverTrail+ code name lies a dual-core Atom processor engraved in 32nm with two x86 cores with active HyperThreading.  A SoC that also benefits from a more robust graphical part that consists of two cores PowerVR SGX 544. Details that should give the new smartphone with Intel chips, superior performance.


2013 is almost half over, and one thing is clear: it will be the year of the Chinese supersmartphones. There, they already outnumber the PCs as the primary device to access the Internet, but end up not being very well known around here, mainly by the geographical difficulty of such releases hit the market. Some brands have left the “xing-ling factor” aside, and decided to heavily invest in products with high technical specifications, precisely to provide a better user experience. And without owing anything to the major global manufacturers releases.


Let’s show some major Chinese releases, showing that they can be “less Chinese” than you think. These are high-end models, which can well meet the most demanding users, even though they are unknown brands to most of the users.


The Oppo R809T smartphone is official but it is actually not as thin as presented.


Oppo, the Chinese brand has already tried to play the most thinner game on their smartphones with a thick model of only 6.65 mm. The competition (also Chinese) have announced even better shortly after, it whispered that its new model could try to go even smaller, reaching a wasp waist of 6.13 mm.

The Oppo R809T smartphone is now announced … with a thickness of 6.93 mm, which is still honorable for a mid-range device with a 4.7″ display with 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels ) and carrying a MediaTek processor quad core clocked 1.2 GHz with 1 GB of RAM.


Some (few) smartphones are presented at CES 2013. Yesterday (07), Alcatel has presented what is considered “the world’s thinnest smartphone”. Today, the Huawei confirms the Ascend Mate, which was shortly seen before the event from Las Vegas, and stands out for having a screen with no less than 6.1 inches. Yes … the “phablet” reached another level (in my view, in the limit).


If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note was already considered the edge between the tablet and smartphone, the Huawei Ascend Mate goes beyond with its 6.1 inches screen. This difference, even if it appears to be minimal on paper, in practice, is something considerable.


The CES 2013 is about to begin, and every day we receive more information on future announcements from manufacturers. In this case, ZTE is expected to announce in the Las Vegas event the ZTE Grand S, which features high-end settings, which certainly must accredit the model as the main brand launch in 2013.


Lately, the big screen has been making hit among users. And the ZTE Grand S follows this recipe, with a 5 inch screen with 1080p resolution. Moreover, the new model stands out with a case of  only 6.9 mm thick, this being “the thinnest smartphone on the market” with a screen resolution of 1080p (so far).


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